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Oil and Gas

AMETEK HDR Power Systems designs, develops, manufactures and certifies products specific to the conventional energy markets (a) Oil & Gas – Upstream, Midstream and Downstream and (b) Power Generation – Fossil & Nuclear.

Introduction: The energy sector uses abundant amount of "Water" in their processes. Usually the largest source of water for the energy sector is seawater as most of the plants are in close proximity to the sea/ocean, which by itself cannot be used due to dissolved salts and impurities. To make water conducive and therefore usable, all modern Oil & Gas facilities as well as Power Generation plants install "electro-chlorination" system(s) that generate hypochlorite by using the salt in seawater through electrolysis. If river or lake water is used for the process, then common salt is added to the water to generate hypochlorite. All the process water needed by the energy sector normally pass through the electro-chlorination process before being used or processed further.

Voice of Customer: AMETEK HDR Power Systems has interacted with various global electro-chlorination OEMs and gathered vital market intelligence. Following attributes/configurations are required to be successful in this market:
  • Industrial-grade rugged DC Rectifier system with small footprint including multiple (double, triple, etc) outputs
  • Accurate and extremely fast response to dynamic load changes
  • Complex specifications with stringent THD, PF and EMI/RFI norms
  • Ability to customize (hardware, communication and firmware) based on end customer
  • Ability to develop intrinsically safe "explosion-proof" rectifiers for hazardous locations (offshore platforms, volatile gas environments, etc) and certify to Class 1 Div 2 / Zone 2 nomenclature
  • Ability to develop rectifiers that are either "purge-controlled" (pressurized) using compressed air / nitrogen or "totally enclosed non-ventilated," where instrument quality compressed air is not available
  • Higher component safety margins that drive longer mission times
  • Global aftermarket and service support
Experience: AMETEK HDR Power Systems has experience in developing custom rectifiers for the electro-chlorination process. Also, AMETEK HDR's Columbus, OH location is a UL508A shop that can design and manufacture power products for the hazardous location and certify them to Class 1 Div 2 / Zone 2. AMETEK HDR has a suite of product portfolio including SCR, PWM and VRT that can be deployed for the electro-chlorination / electrolysis process depending upon specifications and customer requirements.