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AMETEK HDR Power Systems designs, develops, manufactures and certifies custom power controller solutions for the Nuclear industry. The combined experience of HDR, Robicon and Halmar electronics reaches hundreds of nuclear installations around the world. This experience originates from the acquisition of Halmar and Robicon Group (HRG) by AMETEK HDR Power Systems, who built many Hydrogen Recombiners/Degasser and Pressurizer Heater Controllers prior to the acquisition by HDR. HDR has since done numerous replacements of their installations. We have built replacements of HRG controllers as well as new installations with an HDR controller base. We have worked with many CANDU, Westinghouse and KHNP plants to supply controllers.

Client-Oriented Solutions:

AMETEK HDR Power Systems has interacted with various key players in this industry and we draw on the experience of our sister company, Solidstate Controls (SCI). We can build anything from a basic power controller to a custom-designed floor standing pressurizer heater controller with various alarms and metering.
  • 20-year-old proven and time-tested Power Controller Design
  • High quality enclosures with custom flame retardant paint, if specified
  • Custom options, such as metering, alarms, custom cable input and grounding solutions available
  • Capable of designs that will pass EMI/RFI requirements
  • AMETEK HDR's Columbus, OH location is a UL508A
  • Safety and Non-Safety related available
  • Nuclear-grade terminal blocks available, STATES sliding link, Weidmuller or similar
  • SIS type or other similar wiring available
If your project requires the refurbishment or replacement of a current controller or a new plant, draw on HDR's nuclear experience for any Power Controller products. Contact us or send a specification to get a quote and begin the process of working with AMETEK HDR.

Have a current Halmar or Robicon Controller that needs to be repaired or replaced?
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